Wellmune Supports Immune Health in Seniors

By: Robert M. Blair, Ph.D.

A new research study examined the potential benefit of Wellmune® on immune health in older adults living in a community-dwelling environment. Wellmune is a proprietary yeast beta-glucan ingredient that has been previously shown to have immune health benefits [1, 2].

In this newest research study, investigators randomly assigned adults 50 – 70 years of age to receive either a placebo capsule or a capsule containing 250 mg Wellmune beta-glucan for 90 days during the winter months. The incidence and severity of upper respiratory tract infections were recorded during this 90-day period. Additionally, markers of immune status were measured in blood and saliva at the beginning of the study and after 45 and 90 days of supplementation.

During the course of the 90-day supplement period, upper respiratory tract infections were diagnosed in 17 subjects in the Wellmune group compared to 28 subjects in the placebo group. Additionally, there was a tendency for those in Wellmune group that did develop upper respiratory tract infections to have fewer days with symptoms. While Wellmune appeared to reduce the incidence of infections and reduce the days with symptoms, there was no difference in the severity of symptoms between the two groups.

Overall, the results of this study indicate that supplementation with Wellmune (250 mg/day) for 90 days may help reduce the incidence and duration of upper respiratory tract infections in older adults.

According to the National Institutes of Health, our immune system does not work as well and becomes slower to respond. This can increase our risk of getting sick and causing us to heal more slowly [4]. Therefore, supplements like Wellmune can be an important way to support our overall immune health.


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